Egyptian millers co. was granted the exclusive right for two years to use the American Wheat Quality seal by U.S. Wheat Associates, VA,USA.


Mr. / Jonathan Jrisl - Minister Plenipotentiary for Agricultural Affairs - Embassy of the United States of America to the headquarters of the company and praised the performance of the company effective


Practical experience to the experience compare the flour produced from wheat (U.S. company millers Egyptians) and the flour produced from Australian wheat (under the auspices of the Council of American wheat) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel 05/04/2011

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Factory: Quality Assurance


 "Safe, healthy products with high Quality" is the motto that the Egyptian Millers 

Company follows. The company has been valuing the importance of quality assurance ever since it has been established in order to maintain great progression in the milling industries and to increase the company's capabilities in creating the finest flour. To accomplish this task constant improvement and modernization assist in regulating the quality.

 The company strictly follows the standards and implementation of quality system to conserve the company's elite status and trusting relationships with their customers.

 The company has identified its  quality team with highly qualified individuals who acquire the adequacy and a suitable amount of experience to perform the difficult task. They have been highly trained and have taken part in international courses that have fully prepared them for the difficulties of their responsibility.

These individuals are completely aware of all the departments that make up the company and are able to educate all employees about the importance of the quality and the quality's role in stabilizing the company and increasing it's rank amongst other companies.

 There is continuous monitoring to ensure the quality of working in all departments and that these works meet the standards. ( purchasing-Production-Maintenance- Industrial safety-documents and data- -Marketing and Sales……)

 Internal audits is used to ensure the implementation &effectiveness of the quality system as well as external auditing for our suppliers.

According to effective implementation and continuous improvement to the Quality system, many multi-national companies of different races and cultures that require high quality with high standards choose to work with our company that complying their needs with our dependability. (Through internal and external audits and broad evaluation)

 For producing safe&healthy products. the company has established a Microbiology Laboratory with high technology to gurantee that the produced flour  is free of any pathogenic that may negatively effect the health of the people.