Egyptian millers co. was granted the exclusive right for two years to use the American Wheat Quality seal by U.S. Wheat Associates, VA,USA.


Mr. / Jonathan Jrisl - Minister Plenipotentiary for Agricultural Affairs - Embassy of the United States of America to the headquarters of the company and praised the performance of the company effective


Practical experience to the experience compare the flour produced from wheat (U.S. company millers Egyptians) and the flour produced from Australian wheat (under the auspices of the Council of American wheat) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel 05/04/2011

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Company: Objectives


1- Producing healthy, safe products with excellent quality is one of the most important goals for the Egyptian Millers Company.

2-Building mutual confidence between the company and our customers and working hard to meet customer requirements and improving it.

3-Continuous improving, updating to place the company in it's natural position amonget the most important food industrial companies in the entire middle east. 

4-Opening new markets inside and outside of Egypt.

5-Increasing the production capacity for the mill from 500 tons per day to 750 tons per day to cover the needs of more clients.

6- Increasing wheat storages from 20,000 tons to 30,000 tons of wheat.

7- To work on establishing complete nutritional industries. (Biscuits-Pasta)

8- To work on developing and improving the resources to achieve the company's goals.