Egyptian millers co. was granted the exclusive right for two years to use the American Wheat Quality seal by U.S. Wheat Associates, VA,USA.


Mr. / Jonathan Jrisl - Minister Plenipotentiary for Agricultural Affairs - Embassy of the United States of America to the headquarters of the company and praised the performance of the company effective


Practical experience to the experience compare the flour produced from wheat (U.S. company millers Egyptians) and the flour produced from Australian wheat (under the auspices of the Council of American wheat) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel 05/04/2011

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Marketing: Markets


 The Sales and Marketing Department monitors the execution of clever sales plans and improving these plans over time to ensure that we reach our specified goals based on specific targets.

 The department also monitors it’s employees and makes sure that their performance is of the highest standards.

They also control and keep a constant eye on the operations of the sales team, making sure that their work is consistent with the standards that the department has placed.

 The sales team always carries out Market Researches to benefit from and to encourage the team to work their hardest in order to reach their full potential.

 The sales team is constantly working to achieve their department’s goals and they are constantly writing briefings concerning their main transactions regarding prices, specialties, benefits, and the latest news of the company or any new products.

 All of their actions are, of course, operated accordingly to the requirements from the higher departments.

 The result of all that has been listed and taking successful well thought out steps is the Company’s interaction with other prestigious production companies and consumers of flour.

 The company’s listed are some of the company’s we deal with, all of which request and receive only the highest quality products:




4-Egypt Trade

5-Bisco Misr



8-El Doha

9-Honey Well



12-The Service Project for schools

13-May Misr

14-Biscuit Dahab

15-October Company

16-Golden Chips


18-Papa Johns



21-Egyptian Army

22-Ministry of Agriculture

Private Companies for Macarroni:





5-Emma Pasta


7-El Helal