Egyptian millers co. was granted the exclusive right for two years to use the American Wheat Quality seal by U.S. Wheat Associates, VA,USA.


Mr. / Jonathan Jrisl - Minister Plenipotentiary for Agricultural Affairs - Embassy of the United States of America to the headquarters of the company and praised the performance of the company effective


Practical experience to the experience compare the flour produced from wheat (U.S. company millers Egyptians) and the flour produced from Australian wheat (under the auspices of the Council of American wheat) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel 05/04/2011

  ::  U.S. expert to visit Mr. Peter Lloyd to the company's headquarters and mill   ::  Egymillers Updated Certificates   ::  BEST SUPPLIER

Products: Main product : Flour extract 72%


 The company has the human and technological resources to produce a variety of flour (72%-76%-82%)

 1-Main Product: (Patent Flour extract 72%)

Producing of flour extract 72%  according to usage and consumer requirements.

(Biscuits- Bakeries- Pasta-Cake-Sweets-Pies-Pizza)

 2- By Products:

Coarse Bran    (Specialized for animal feed and Feed Industries)

Soft Bran     (Especially for Pita(Baladi) bread, Tabaki Bread, and other industries)

Pollard (used to produce special bread for diabetic patients and products for dieting)

 -Farina (It is semolina from hard wheat used in making certain kinds of sweets)

 -Germ (It is used in Pharmaceuticals)

 3-Pasta and Biscuits:

The company has more than enough experience to supply all kinds of pasta and biscuites with excellent quality.

 All of the mentioned products are healthy & safe and complying with the standards.

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